First thing to know is that Locksmith uses the built in customer account system that comes with your store! This means it doesn't create a separate registration form, sign-in form, or customer database.

All Shopify themes come with a registration form that includes Name, E-mail, and Password fields.

Many merchants want to collect more information from a customer when they register. Although Locksmith doesn't get involved directly with this process, you do have options here.

1. Simply request that your customers e-mail you the information

This is a simple solution to the issue and does work for some merchants. Locksmith lets you edit the message that is displayed on locked pages, so this would be a good place to include the e-mail address to use.

2. Edit the registration form in your theme directly

Shopify has a guide that will walk you through doing this. You can view that here. 


  • ¬†Editing your own theme is free


  • Requires coding knowledge. (But, If you don't have coding knowledge, you can still hire an expert!)
  • Changes the registration form for everyone.

3. Use a third party form-creating service

There are some great services out there that let you create a fully customized HTML form. We actually cover this in our guide here (scroll down to option 3).


  • Free (as long as you use one of the recommended services)
  • Can be used to create a second registration to be used by some of your customers while leaving your regular registration form alone. (These accounts will still be funneled back to the same customer database.)


  • The accounts are not automatically created which means you'll need to manually move the information over to Shopify from the third party app

4. Use a dedicated Shopify app

The Customer Fields app lets you edit the registration form and add fields in an easy way. And adds other great features such as e-mail notifications. Note: This app is unaffiliated with us but we have had customers have a lot of success with it!


  • Extemely easy to setup


  • Changes the registration form for everyone.
  • Is a paid app

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