Manage pricing and other options by creating multiple variants, and use Locksmith to manage access.

In addition to managing access to your products and collections, Locksmith can protect individual variants within your product listings.

New to product variants? Learn more here:

This is a powerful feature! It can allow you to tune your product listings in a way that previously required elaborate coding, or deep manual integration with other apps.

With variant locking, you can:

  • ... set up wholesale pricing on your existing products without creating duplicate products, then ensure that only your wholesalers can view those prices.
  • ... reserve a certain amount of stock for a particular customer.
  • ... allocate your inventory by distribution center, and restrict access regionally.
  • ... add bulk quantities for your trade customers, only allowing pre-approved customers to access it.

This is a brand new feature, and I've love to make it even better for you. If you have any questions, or have a success story I can share with other merchants, shoot me an email! :)

Note: This feature may conflict with other apps. See the Incompatibilities section below for more.

Creating a variant lock

Start by ensuring you've got at least one product variant set up in your catalog. (Learn how to set these up for new products, and for existing products.)

Then, log in at, then click the link below the search bar for creating a variant lock, like so:

(This link won't appear if you're on an old version of Locksmith.)

Next, choose the variant option and value that you'd like to protect. In this example, the resulting lock will protect all product variants that have their "Audience" option set to "Wholesale":

(Be sure to read the notes before creating the lock!)

Submit the form, then continue to create keys for access on the next page.

That's it! :)


Because this feature allows you to filter out variants from view, it's likely that it will conflict with any other apps that also operate in this way. Here's a partial list:

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