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Locksmith works hard to fully protect anything you lock, in as many ways as possible. This includes deep protection of meta content - the content that's read by search engines and other computerized agents.

"Robots" tags

In Locksmith v4 and above, Locksmith automatically adds the following robots meta tag for locked content, unless manual locking is enabled:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

This means that search engines will be prevented from indexing all of your locked content, except for locked content that's available via manual mode.

Read more about manual mode here.

Meta tags

In Locksmith v4 and above, Locksmith hides the following meta tags for your content, so long as you've enabled the lock option for hiding the lock's resource in your shop:

  • Open Graph: og:title , og:type , og:description , og:image , og:image:secure_url
  • Twitter: twitter:title , twitter:description , twitter:image , twitter:image:width , twitter:image:height 
  • Description: description 

Regardless of whether or not lock resource hiding is enabled, Locksmith will always protect these meta tags for locked content:

  • Open Graph: og:price:amount , price:currency 
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