Locksmith's pricing varies, based on your Shopify plan. (Read more about why below.) We aim to charge about a third of your Shopify plan, and here's what that looks like:

Locksmith for "Basic Shopify" — $9/mo
Locksmith for "Shopify" — $29/mo
Locksmith for "Advanced Shopify" — $99/mo

If you have another plan, check your Locksmith account to see the automatically calculated price. For some plans (like Shopify Plus), rather than using a calculated price, we'd rather have a conversation up front to learn what price makes the most sense for your situation. In those cases, you'll be prompted to get in touch.

Lastly — and this is super important — if this pricing doesn't work for you, hit that chat button and let us know what does make sense for you and your business.

Why do pricing like this?

We have two goals:

  1. … to give you a product that is meaningfully valuable to you.
  2. … for you to pay us an amount that represents that value, and makes you happy. :)

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use our work, and derive wildly different value from it. And we've found that we really can't make any assumptions about what kind of value Locksmith represents each merchant. So, we make our best guess, by charging a consistent fraction of what the merchant pays Shopify itself.

This works really well for me.

We're glad!

This doesn't work for me at all.

It's really important that you tell us this. Our pricing model is our best effort, but we need you to tell us when it doesn't work.

Hit that chat button in the corner, and let us know what does work for you. In everything we do, we're here to work with you. ❤️

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