Secure access and subscription access go hand in hand - and now, I'm really excited to announce that Locksmith offers both under one roof. :D To do so, we've integrated with Stripe, making for a subscriptions solution that's super flexible and super friendly.

Key features

  • A seamless fit into your storefront. Locksmith will automatically show subscription options whenever a customer encounters content locked with a subscription key, and it'll do so in a way that fits in perfectly with your shop's theme. Once the customer is subscribed, they'll see a bar at the bottom of the screen with their subscription details, and an option for cancelling. No confusing flows or jarring design differences - everything just fits. :)
  • Integration with Shopify customer and order records. Your customers will see each subscription payment as an order in their account, and will receive a receipt email from your shop whenever payment goes through. And, naturally, you'll see all of these orders in your Shopify backend as well.
  • Mix and match subscription requirements with other keys. Perhaps a piece of content can be accessed by Annual Pass subscribers, or perhaps you have a collection reserved for customers who've purchased all of your subscription plans? Or, maybe some content requires both a subscription and a passcode? As with all of Locksmith's key options, you can combine subscription requirements with each other, and with any other key conditions as needed.
  • Easy synchronization with Stripe, a leader in merchant payments. Even if you don't have a Stripe account yet, Locksmith and Stripe together make it easy to get set up for business. And, having your own Stripe account gives you complete control over and visibility into your subscription payments.
  • No extra charges. This feature is included with your Locksmith account, so - apart from the usual-and-unavoidable credit card processing fee - there's no cost whatsoever to you. :D And yes, this makes Locksmith the most cost-effective way to run customer subscriptions and memberships for Shopify. 🙌

Getting started

Once you're logged into Locksmith, choose one of your existing locks, or use the search area to create a new lock to protect with a subscription key. In this example, we'll create a new lock for a page called "Premium access only":

Then, on the lock settings screen, we'll add a new Stripe subscription key:

Next, we'll hit that "Connect Stripe" button to proceed. Locksmith will open a new tab in your browser for the approval with Stripe, and you'll see a screen like this one:

If you already have a Stripe account, great! Log in to proceed.

If you haven't used Stripe before, don't worry - just hit the "Sign up" link below the login form, and follow the prompts. Stripe makes it super simple to get set up. :)

Once you've logged into Stripe, you'll see a Shopify prompt, asking you to approve some additional permissions for Locksmith. (This approval is a mandatory one: Locksmith uses this access to synchronize subscription activity with your customer orders, to keep everyone on the same page.)

After approving the update, Locksmith will let you know that all's well, and you'll be prompted to close the window, returning to where you were in Locksmith:

If you've used Stripe before, you might see options here for subscription plans you've used in the past. Either way, now's your opportunity to choose "Create a new plan", and make a new one. :)

That's it for setup! 🙌 If you ever need to go back and update your plans, just visit

Customer experience

Here's a quick example of how a customer might interact with our demo subscription plan:

After clicking the subscription button, Stripe's credit card prompt appears:

After subscribing, the customer now has access:

... and, in the background, Locksmith's registered their subscription payment as a Shopify order. They've also received an email receipt confirming this, just like they would for any other order.

If the customer chooses to hit that "Cancel subscription" button, they'll still have access, but only until the end of the subscription period they've paid for:

If you need to terminate a customer's subscription effective immediately, you can do so from within the Stripe dashboard, over at Once in Stripe, find the customer's subscription from the "Subscriptions" section, use the dropdown menu to select the "Cancel subscription..." option, and select the option for doing so immediately.

That's it! :D

We'd love to hear how it's working out for you - just use that chat button in the corner to let us know. :) Cheers!

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