Locksmith doesn't have a built-in way to create recurring subscription plans. However, you can still use Locksmith alongside a dedicated subscription app to lock content so it can only be accessed by active subscribers. Any recurring payment service that offers the "auto-tagging" feature would work with Locksmith. We recommend Paywhirl. 

You can install Paywhirl here.

You can set up your plans in Paywhirl in whatever way suits your needs, their interface is easy to use and flexible. Use their "customer auto-tagging" feature to make sure your customers store accounts are tagged with a specific tag based on their recurring subscriptions. This is set up with the following two steps...

Turn on auto-tagging in Paywhirl 

Add auto-tagging when setting up your plan, or go to Plans > Edit on an existing plan. Find this entry form:

You can use whatever tag you'd like, or add multiple tags if that makes sense for you.

Set up a Locksmith lock on your subscriber-only content 

You can always place a lock any specific content in your store by just searching for it in the Locksmith search bar.  Once the lock is created, use the following key (editing the tag to match the one you added in the above step):

Do keep in mind that the tags need to match exactly, and are case-sensitive.

That's all it takes!

If you have multiple plans, make sure that you do the above steps for each plan.

Note: if you want to grant access based on a single purchase, that is a built-in Locksmith feature. More info on that here.

Feel free to ask questions if you're having any issues with any of that! Use the message icon below to get in touch ↘️

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